Network File System (NFS)

This is my first look with NFS,

although i’ve tried NFS about 2 years ago, but i never write about that.
These are my requirement for test: 3 VM with connectable network. Such a 1 nfs server (  and 2 nfs client ( CentOS 6.2 minimal server), package nfs, rpcbind (portmap service alternative, since kernel version was growth. Two nfs client should be run this service), iptables, telnet (optional package).

Server Configuration
We already set /data1 and /data2 as two partition will be share.
Edit /etc/exports file
nfs2Configure allow and deny hosts
nfs4Configure /etc/sysconfig/nfs for rpcbind, mountd, nfsd, etc static port
nfs5Configure iptables

Client Side
Just use these params to mount them
~# mount -o rw <ip_nfs_server>:/<path_folder> /<path_destination>
Then your file/ folder will be set as user and group nfsnobody by nfs server.

Then if you want to execute the service or mounting activity automatically, set them with this params:
~# chkconfig <service_name> on
~# vi /etc/fstab // edit fstab foreach client

 <ip_nfs_server>:/<path>   /<destination_path>  nfs  ro  0  0
 <ip_nfs_server>:/<path>   /<destination_path>  nfs  rw  0  0


[1] Aji. Kresno, “Sharing File di Jaringan dengan NFS” . 2003 (Mei): 1-2. Retrieved 16 january 2015.


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