Pen Introduction

It is an alternative for me if i have no idea about proxypass or forwarding access or connection into another one server. Sometimes i couldn’t forwarded the specific port even iptables or shorewall has enabled. It always sucks!!!, give me an error
[Mon Dec 01 11:09:48 2014] [error] [client] (70014)End of file found: proxy: error reading status line from remote server
[Mon Dec 01 11:09:48 2014] [error] [client] proxy: Error reading from remote server returned by /
Just execute these params (for an example) then voila!!
root@hary:/boot/grub# /usr/bin/pen <open_port_local> <destination_ip>:<destination_port> -H -t 5 -b 5 -f -x 500 -c 500 -p /var/run/pen<open_port_local>.pid -l /var/log/pen10000.log -w /var/log/pen<open_port_local>.htm &
root@hary:/boot/grub# /usr/bin/pen 10000 -H -t 5 -b 5 -f -x 500 -c 500 -p /var/run/ -l /var/log/pen10000.log -w /var/log/pen10000.htm &

Register it into rc.local if it is necessary.




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